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What Is Chromite Sand Used for?

Chromite sand has good increasing friction effect in low and high temperature, plays a dual role too. Added to rubber can play a good role in increasing friction, and do not scratch the duality and noise. In the friction material commonly used in chromite fines Cr203, the content of 25%-40%, the higher Cr203 content, increasing friction effect is bigger. Use should pay attention to controlling the amount and particle size. Proper dosage should not exceed 7%, particle fineness more than 200 projects. Excessive dosage and coarse grain size can improve the friction coefficient but also will cause friction increases obviously.

The basic direction of the development of refractory fire brick technology is based on independent innovation as the basic starting point, take the refractory material design and application of scientific, production, application of fine and green, consumption reduction and resource conservation of the integration of the road to promote research and development On a new level. The innovative direction of the refractory for the cement industry is chrome-free and energy-saving.


-325mesh chromite powder

-325MESH CHROMITE POWDER Chromite powder is also called chrome flour, iron chromite,chromite flour, it is an

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